My History Assignment!

For our history assignment we had to find people who wanted to keep the status quo or change. It was very interesting to see what all my classmates came up with. I was with my partner Paul. We looked up the Ku Klux Klan and Rosa Parks. It was a very cool idea to think of. When we had to present, I saw all the other topics and I saw how hard the people tried to change the status quo. It makes me want to change things that are important. When you look at how hard they tried to make a change in history, and they didn’t do it just for them–it was for other people who wanted what they wanted. It was a very smart thing to try, and I know I learned a lot more than I knew. This is what Paul and I did for our project.

Career Day!

My class of eighth graders had an opportunity to go to Sheldon, IA. We got the chance to be in a classroom with a person who talked to us about their jobs. There were several jobs to choose from and, you were able to choose three different jobs and learn more about each one. I chose Wildlife and Park Management, Agriculture Business, and Culinary Arts. I learned so much more about the jobs. They told us what classes you should take and where in the job you would best fit.

The first one that I went to was Park and Wildlife Management. That one was very interesting! I learned more about the job, what they do, how they do it, and so much more. She even brought live animals in to show us. She brought a frog, turtle, and a salamander! She told us some of the jobs that you can take like a park ranger, DNR, and a magazine editor for wildlife. For each table there would be a different setting, or type of animal. She brought in animal skins, fossils, eggs, bugs, and so much more. I learned that this job is an independent kind of job. You would have a list of things to do one day, and you would work on it for a couple of days. She told me she liked the job, and I think I would like it too!

The second class I went to was Agriculture-Business. I wanted to go to this one because I live on a farm, and I love to go out in the field with my dad. I see how much my dad loves to farm, and I think I would love it too, The speaker was from Ag Partners. He told us a lot about his job and all the jobs inside the business. He says that this job would be great for people who talk a lot. I like to talk to people, and I think I can make friends pretty well. He talked about the jobs, and a couple were interesting to me like Training and Developing and Grain Marketing. When I told my dad about the class he said ” If you want to be in agriculture the best one for you would be…” But before he could answer I said ” Grain Marketing or one that you go out to people and test soil and stuff like that.” Dad looked at me pleased. I felt good about going to that class. I learned a lot more about field work and I hope I could do this again.

The third and last class is Culinary Arts. I had a dream of growing up and building a bakery. I went into this class, and I knew that this would be a very fun class. The speaker was making jokes and cooking. He told us what classes to take and what to expect when you become a cook. He said take math classes, which wouldn’t hurt at all. He also told us that he doesn’t have time for family or holidays. I got a little sad because I’m a family orientated person. He said you have to work weekdays, weekends, and holidays. I was rethinking my dream, but then he said he has a lot of fun in the kitchen. He told us stories about him dancing and having his workers make a dish they had never made and it might make the menu. We  were all laughing and having fun. I did learn a lot and had a lot of fun. I was really looking forward to the sample at the end of the class but then some girl was looking at my sample so I just gave it to her it. It was a fun and funny class and I enjoyed it.

In conclusion, I had fun and learned a lot in Wildlife and Park Management, Agriculture Business, and Culinary Arts. I think that doing this helps us learn about real life and getting us ready to take on the world. After all the classes were over we got to sit and listen to one last speaker. He told us a lot of helpful things to be successful in life. He talked about people he met and how he became very successful. He was very inspirational. I think that every class should go to something like that to learn about life and jobs. I know that the speaker that came and talked to us opened my eyes and really made me think that if I want to achieve my dreams I need to start now. Everyone, work hard and try your best at everything you do!

What I Did For My Genius Hour 2

What I did for my 2nd genius hour was help one of my classmates with a campane. He wants to become our class president. We spent the whole time making posters, little cards,a nd making a speech. It was really fun. Paul and Tyler were the poeple helping me. Tyler made his own website! Paul and I made a bunch of posters. We also made little cards and put them in the 8th grade locker and mailboxs. It was all really fun. We always had something to do, and something to make. I honestly think that Tyler can win!


My Genius Hour Cupcake!

For genius hour I made a awesome cupcake with my partner Jaci. We made cupcakes that had cookie dough inside. That’s not all we did for genius hour, we also had a competition with a different group. We had to make a desserts and we had to decorate them, then the judges would eat and then say who won.

Jaci and I won! The cupcakes were amazing. The other group made brownies and we made cupcakes. Both were very good! Jaci and I had a lot of fun making the cupcakes. We both worked hard and thought everything through. We put chocolate frosting on top with colorful sprinkles. I think what made the cupcake win was the cookie dough filling inside. Once you take one bite you would get a part of the cookie dough. The expression on everyone’s face was all different. I really liked the idea of our genius hour. Now I have no idea what to do for the next genius hour!

My Skype Class With A Awesome Author

When I walked into class the chairs were in 3 lines and there was a projector in the front of the class. I asked Mrs. Krebs said we were going to skype with a author named Kenneth C. Davis. He wrote books about presidents, geography, the solar system, and history. Most of them start with ” Don’t Know Much About” then what the books subject is about. He knows a lot! He knew all of our questions that we asked him. He talk about what schools needed and what he though was going on in the political world. We didn’t have much time with him, but the time that we did have with him was worth it. We all learned so much about presidents, and the political world. He has a new book coming out on September before the election, and it’s about the American Presidents. It’s called “Don’t Know Much About American Presidents.” This book is for adults. You can learn more about Kenneth C. Davis at his website.

How To Make A Barn Quilt!

Barn quilts are really cool to see. They’re pretty cool to build too. It’s so simple and so fun. There are so many colors and so many designs. Follow these easy steps!

1. Find a nice big wood board that will be good for any type of weather.

2. Then you can go online or find a book with a bunch of different designs.

3. Then when you find the one you like, you can trace it on the board. But you want to make sure you trace it right or it will come out wrong.

4. Pick some cool colors to paint on the board. You want to pick good colors that won’t blend in with the building color that your board will be on. Otherwise they will look the same.

5. Tape around the lines that you want painted a certain color.

6. Then paint that color

7. Then take off the tape and then paint  the parts that you missed. Then paint the other colors.

8. You might want to look around to make sure that you didn’t miss anything.

9. You’re done with one super cool Barn Quilt!

This is what it looks like It was really fun. My group was the 8th grade girls. We worked really hard almost every class period. We did this because our school is having a gala, so we made a barn quilt to put in it. We call it the 2016 4 by 4. If you look at it, the blue has 4 paths that go to the middle and then the yellow has the same thing. In the middle there is a big hole in the middle so it looks like it leads to it. It was so fun to paint and design all of it. I didn’t have a clue how our teacher was going to let us pull it off, but we did it and it looks really good. It was hard to choose colors. We wanted blue and green and then we didn’t have those colors so we changed it to blue and yellow. I think it looks good! Now you try it.

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This was a very fun week do blog about. I liked how everyday was different and I wouldn’t mind doing this again. You should try and please look at everything I did everyday.

Monday Mashup– We would find a picture we liked and then we would make it look totally different.

Tuesday Listicle–  We would say ” Top Ten Ways” and stuff like that. We could do anything with the top ( then a number) . It’s fun to see all the ideas.

Wordless Wednesday– We would take a picture and wouldn’t write anything to describe it.

Off the Cuff Thursday– This day we got to write about anything we wanted.

Freelance Friday– We could put a poem or story that we wrote!

Off The Cuff Thursday

I’m going to talk about my basketball game today. I’m so excited because this is the first basketball game of our season. I’m super excited to play this year because last year I couldn’t play because I had a strange Germany disease in my knees. I made it hard to play with all the pain and it was hard to watch the other basketball girls play and having friends. I’m a tall girl so I hope that I can start and jump the ball. I know this is going to be a great year for me! Well I hope!

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