Harvest Day

My class went to the Harvest Day Festival for a school field trip. We toured the trees and the rest of the site. There were around 53 trees on a list that we went through. After we went through the trees we looked at an old time wagon. Then we went to an old house. There were so many old things in the house that I’ve never seen before. It was cool to see.

It was cold that day so right when  we were done with the old house we went to the campfire. After we stood by the campfire we saw an outhouse. In the outhouse there was a dummy on the pot so we screamed and ran away to the apple cider. There they showed how to make fresh apple cider from this smashing machine. You would take apples and smash them up, then you take the smashed up apples and put them in a bucket to be smashed again. This time the juice from the apples ran down into a bucket that will be processed. We got to try it, it was good.

We went to the sod house next. It’s amazing to think how they lived back then in such a small place. Next we were off to the one room schoolhouse. It was so cool in there. It was filled with old time stuff and there were also little chairs for the little kids and big chairs for the big kids. After the school house we went to some people who were blacksmithing. It was cool to see how they made horse shoes. Then when we were done our teacher said it was free time to go and see what we can find that was cool. I saw some people who were processing milk and cream. The milk tasted good but the cream tasted bad! I also found a guy who was a potter. He was so good. He would just make it look like it was easy to make a pot until he said it takes a lot of practice to become as good as him. Sadly, after that we had to go wash our hands and go eat lunch then head home. I wish we did this last year, it was really fun!

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