Billy Sunday

My teacher has a book called ” Tell A Tale Iowa“, one of those stories was about Billy Sunday. Billy Sunday is a man that had one interesting life.Billy was born in Iowa. When Billy was 1 month old his dad died in the Civil War. When Billy was 12 he was put up for adoption and got sent to Davenport and graduated in Nevada’s High School in 1818. Billy was popular for baseball he was amazing at baseball. One time when he was playing a scout from Marshaltown and signed he for the Chicago White Sox’s. Billy had speed, he stole 258 bases during his career, 96 bases in one season. One night Billy was sitting on a curb and when he heard a tune from a band that reminded him of his mom. So Billy gave up $500 a month from his baseball contract to $88.55 a month to the Y.M.C.A. Then he became a preacher then became a Presbyterian Minister. Billy wasn’t a normal minister, he would yell, jump, through things, and wrestle. He died in Chicago in 1935. He always said ” I was bred and born in old Iowa. I am a rude of the rubes. I am a hayseed of the hayseeds. The malodors of the barnyard ore on me yet it beats Pinaud and Colgate, too. I have drunk coffee out of the saucer and eaten with my knife. I expect heaven to be the same.

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