How To Make A Barn Quilt!

Barn quilts are really cool to see. They’re pretty cool to build too. It’s so simple and so fun. There are so many colors and so many designs. Follow these easy steps!

1. Find a nice big wood board that will be good for any type of weather.

2. Then you can go online or find a book with a bunch of different designs.

3. Then when you find the one you like, you can trace it on the board. But you want to make sure you trace it right or it will come out wrong.

4. Pick some cool colors to paint on the board. You want to pick good colors that won’t blend in with the building color that your board will be on. Otherwise they will look the same.

5. Tape around the lines that you want painted a certain color.

6. Then paint that color

7. Then take off the tape and then paint  the parts that you missed. Then paint the other colors.

8. You might want to look around to make sure that you didn’t miss anything.

9. You’re done with one super cool Barn Quilt!

This is what it looks like It was really fun. My group was the 8th grade girls. We worked really hard almost every class period. We did this because our school is having a gala, so we made a barn quilt to put in it. We call it the 2016 4 by 4. If you look at it, the blue has 4 paths that go to the middle and then the yellow has the same thing. In the middle there is a big hole in the middle so it looks like it leads to it. It was so fun to paint and design all of it. I didn’t have a clue how our teacher was going to let us pull it off, but we did it and it looks really good. It was hard to choose colors. We wanted blue and green and then we didn’t have those colors so we changed it to blue and yellow. I think it looks good! Now you try it.

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